What's New at Andy's

What’s New at Andy’s

The Bad Day

Coach Smith had a bad day. His soccer team was in the finals and they blew it in the last few seconds of the game. He was in a rotten mood driving home. To make matters worse, his foot slipped off the brake and hit the accelerator in his own driveway!   This caused his
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Would You Spend 5 Minutes and $10.00 to Save $1000.00?

If you are interested in not having to spend $1000.00 on a repair, you might invest five minutes of your time in the bathroom. Look for any gaps in the caulking (below the bottom row of tile and the tub or shower pan, and along the grout.) A small hole can cause more problems than
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Home Disaster Checklist

Everyone should have a house check-up list. These are items that are looked at frequently around the house, at least once a year, and this checklist should be written down, so that you don’t forget. Each month, we list items you should do for the month, such as change furnace filters and change batteries in
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Here’s What Our Customers Say……

Top Ten Results to use Andy’s Contracting Business 1. They honor their commitments. 2. They perform the work in a timely manner. 3. They are honest. 4. They are priced fairly. 5. They know how to get the job done. 6. They do the job well. 7. They clean up after the job is done.
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